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/* This is test input for the comment contest scripts
* This file has the word "wacky" in several different
* contexts, so you can try that as you comment term.

#include "wacky.h"  // don't comment either of these wacky's

wacky main() {
 comment this wacky /* not this wacky */ but this wacky/* again */;
 wacky in a C++ comment; // wacky
 this is wackyesque;
 /* here is a multi-line comment with
  * wacky thrown in the middle

 And finally some string constants "wacky" should remain uncommented;
 Also "a wacky in the middle" should remain uncommented;
 But a wacky "near something" that is a string should be a wacky commented;

#if 0
 vim syntax hilighting knows this is a comment, but I guess it is
   okay if the script comments wacky anyway.;

 Here is a bit of // tricky /* comment mixing
   this wacky should get commented
   // since the opening star-slash was itself commented */

 Similarly, /* nested comments /* don't really work */ so this wacky
 should get commented as well;

 We also need to handle "strings with \"escaped quotes. wacky
   \"should" not be commented;  Neither "should \"wacky".  But wacky should.

 And of course we should deal with "/* comments in wacky strings */";
 Either way, "these // wacky words should remain uncommented";
 Oh, "except // for " this wacky;